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The Derbyshire Veterans Group HQ


 The Derbyshire Veterans Group HQ is a group open to all Military Veterans their Spouses, Partners and others offering support to Veterans.

 The Group meets weekly (see diary)

 The Group's main aim is to hold meetings where members can visit and join others for a friendly chat with a cuppa and a biscuit in a social NAAFI type setting.

 During meetings future events, trips, galas, days out etc are discussed, arranged and planned if feasible.


 We AIM to support each other by:


     *   Providing a safe and secure environment to openly discuss any issues in confidence.

     *   Signposting Veterans to relevant support agencies for Alcohol, Drugs, Mental Health and Welfare Issues if it cannot be sorted in house.

     *   Offering Peer led support for recovery or to manage conditions.

     *   Holding acticities and excursions to help combat isolation and connect with others.

     *   Providing education training pathways, the Group has a good bond with Northern College (residential) in Barnsley, we provide part funding for travel.

     *   Providing support and advice to Veterans and families.

     *   Assisting in improving a Veterans WELLBEING and Self Esteem through Education.


 The Group is run by Veterans for Veterans, so we are uniquely placed to understand the needs of an individual.  Especially when someone may find it difficult to   bridge the  gap from Military life to civvy street. 


 We also chose a close partnership approach to support Veterans with  the 'STAND TO' project @ DAAS and the Chesterfield FC Community Trust.s group derbyshire veterans group derbyshire veterans group

. derbyshire veterans group


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